The purpose of the Cross-border Network of Transport Management is to ensure an active and effective co-operation in order to create new bonds and forms of Polish-Belarussian co-operation by organizing and supporting common information, planning, investment, educational and counselling activities which promote innovative solutions in the sector of sustainable cross-border transportation.

The Cross-border Network of Transport Management is a lasting platform for cross-border agreement and co-operation regarding the flow of information, analyses and research as well as for undertaking multi-disciplinary activities in order to create positive structural changes in the Belarussian-Polish borderland as well as for the integration of local transportation systems while respecting the rules of a sustainable development.


Grupa robocza przy stole konferencyjnym

A meeting of the working group in Grodno 18 March 2019

On 18 March 2019, a meeting of the working group of the Project took place in the main office of the Municipal Designing, Renovation and Construction Company “Grodnoobldorstroj” in Grodno. Issues connected with Project implementation were considered during the meeting. Essential activities, financial matters as well as completion dates of all individual tasks were determined.

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