PBU1/0722/16 Project “Cross-border Network for Sustainable Transport Governance”, carried out as part of the Programme for Cross-border Cooperation between Poland, Belorus and Ukraine 2014 – 2020, under European Neighbourhood Instrument.

The original aim of the Project was to find a new approach to the cohesion policy and transport accessibility in the borderland. That is why the concept of sustainable transport was referred to, also integrated and inter-branch approach was used to planning transport infrastructure, with regard to environmental, economic and social aspects. Thereby, infrastructural investments and harmonization of investment policy in the border transport sector were combined to create instruments for cross-border flow of information and ideas and coming up with common solutions to transport issues.

The main objective of the project is to increase the prosperity and development of Polish – Belarussian border regions by improving accessibility and tourist attractiveness, co-operation links and common sustainable transport management.

Specific objectives of the Project:

  • Development of cross-border transport infrastructure, improving access to border regions and attractive tourist places.

  • Strengthening cross-border network cooperation in regard to common transport management.

  • Promoting the idea of sustainable transport across the border between Poland and Belarus.

Partners in the Project:

Activities within the Project:

  • Managing the project,

  • Cross-border sustainable transport policy and planning activities,

  • Creating a network to manage cross-border transport,

  • Redevelopment of road H-6044 Swiatsk – Wasilewicze – Ostasza – Kadisz

  • Redevelopment of road 1282 B Krynki – Kruszyniany – Łużany – Bobrowniki

  • Redevelopment of road 105067B in Bobrowniki

  • Conference closing the Project

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