About Us

The purpose of the Cross-border Network of Transport Management is to ensure an active and effective co-operation in order to create new bonds and forms of Polish-Belarussian co-operation by organizing and supporting common information, planning, investment, educational and counselling activities which promote innovative solutions in the sector of sustainable cross-border transportation.

The Cross-border Network of Transport Management is a lasting platform for cross-border agreement and co-operation regarding the flow of information, analyses and research as well as for undertaking multi-disciplinary activities in order to create positive structural changes in the Belarussian-Polish borderland as well as for the integration of local transportation systems while respecting the rules of a sustainable development.

Objectives of the Network

  • Researching the market of transportation services, including preferences and transport choices of people,

  • Working on studies, projects, expert reports and the like concerning the exploitation and development of transportation system in the borderland,

  • Giving an opinion on plans for freight and passenger transport services prepared by cross-border organizations,

  • Determining the rules of time and space coordination for all means of transport,

  • Preparing and analyzing information on the functioning of a transport system,

  • Examining the economic effectiveness of a system and its components,

  • Influencing the solutions for modernization and investments in the transport infrastructure, maintaining the requirements of passenger transport,

  • Forming modern pro-ecological technology for transport services,

  • Promoting public passenger transport services,

  • Other functions connected with implementing transport policy in the borderland.


The Cross-border Network of Transport Management is a voluntary partnership of public, private and non-governmental institutions, international organizations, informal groups and individuals engaged in the sustainable management of Polish-Belarussian transport services in the borderland.


  • Ideological Declaration of the Cross-border Network of Transport Management.
  • Organizational Regulations of the Cross-border Network of Transport Management.
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