Opening of the first stage of the road expansion and 4th Workshop in Gródek

On 16 Jan 2020, there was a formal opening of the commune road no 105067 B in Bobrowniki and of the first stage of the expansion of the poviat road no 1282 B Krynki – Kruszyniany – Łużany – Bobrowniki (2,6 km from the junction with a commune road, in the direction of the village Łużany). The ceremony was organized by the Starost of Białystok Poviat, Jan Bolesław Perkowski and by the Administrator of Gmina [Commune] Gródek, Wiesław Kulesza. The ceremony was also attended by Białystok Poviat Councillors and Gmina [Commune] Gródek Councillors, representatives of Grodno Region Executive Committee, delegation from „Grodnoobłdorstroj” and the Commandant of the Border Guard in Bobrowniki. Folk band “Chutar” from Gródek performed during the ceremony.

After the ceremony, the participants of the 4th Workshop entitled “Cross-border policy of sustainable transport”, planned for 16 – 17 January 2020, went to the Conference Centre “Rozłogi”.

The 4th Workshop was organized by Gmina [Commune] Gródek. It was attended by the representatives of the Białystok Poviat – with the Starost Jan Bolesław Perkowski, Poviat Roads Administration in Białystok, a delegation from Grodno Region Executive Committee and „Grodnoobłdorstroj”. Issues related to the system of transport management in the borderland were debated.

The Workshop in Gródek was the last element of the 4-meeting series entitled “Cross-border policy of sustainable transport”. In October, November and December, workshops were organized by the Białystok Poviat and Grodno Region Executive Committee and by „Grodnoobłdorstroj”. The following issues were discussed during the workshops: “Cross-border transport accessibility”, “System of Transport Management” and “Sustainability and cross-border transport policies”.

The Project “Cross-border Network for Sustainable Transport Governance” is carried out as part of PL-BY-UA Cross-border Cooperation Programme.

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