1st Workshop in Supraśl

“Cross-border policy of sustainable transport” Workshop took place in the hotel “Supraśl” in Supraśl from 17 – 18 Oct 2019. It was organized by the Białystok Poviat. Representatives of the Białystok Poviat and the Poviat Starost, Jan Bolesław Perkowski, Białystok Poviat councillors, employers of the Poviat Starosty in Białystok and representatives of the Poviat Roads Administration in Białystok took part in the Workshop. The delegation from Grodno was represented by the representatives of Grodno Region with Igor Lebiedski – Chair of Grodno Region Deputies, representatives of „Grodnoobłdorstroj” and Sopoćkinie Executive Committee. Gmina Gródek was represented by the commune administrator – Wiesław Kulesza and Chair of the commune council – Wiaczesław Gościk.

The idea of sustainable transport was presented during the workshop. Participants debated its possibilities and the scope of its implementation in the Polish-Belarussian borderland. SWOT and PEST analyses were finalized with matrixes.

The Workshop in Supraśl was the starting point of a series of 4 meetings entitled “Cross-border policy of sustainable transport”. The following issues were to be discussed during the workshops: “Cross-border transport accessibility”, “System of Transport Management” and “Sustainability and cross-border transport policies”. The next workshops will be organized by the Grodno Region Executive Committee, „Grodnoobłdorstroj” and Gmina Gródek.

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