A meeting of the working group in the Poviat Starosty in Białystok on 29 May 2019

On 29 May 2019 a meeting of the working group of the Project took place in the main office of the Poviat Starosty in Białystok. The aim of the meeting was to discuss current issues related to the project and partnership, in particular:
During the meeting with the Starost of the Białystok Poviat, Jan Bolesław Perkowski, dates of common activities in the nearest future were discussed.
Information obtained at a training session on the Project was presented. A list with further questions and issues to be clarified was prepared.
Issues concerning the Activity Report and Intermediate Report, which were to be prepared and submitted in July and August 2019, including dates, audits and the next advance, were debated.
It was also agreed that the partners should meet to write reports if necessary.

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