2nd Workshop in Grodno

As intended in the Project, 2nd Workshop entitled “Cross-border policy of sustainable transport” was organized in Grodno on 21 an 22 Nov 2019. It was organized by Grodno Region Executive Committee. Representatives of Białystok Poviat, with the Starost Jan Bolesław Perkowski, Poviat Roads Administration in Białystok and Gmina Gródek took part in the Workshop.

The main issue discussed during the Workshop was the concept of sustainable transport in the Polish – Belarussian borderland as well as effective use of transit potential of both countries. International economic relations cannot develop fully without proper transport networks. Inadequate road transport makes cross-border contacts difficult, complicates transit traffic and diminishes the attractiveness of the region for investors as well as for tourists.

The Workshop in Grodno was an element of the 4-meeting series entitled “Cross-border policy of sustainable transport”. The following issues are discussed during the workshops: “Cross-border transport accessibility”, “System of Transport Management” and “Sustainability and cross-border transport policies”. In October, a workshop was organized by the Białystok Poviat, the next ones will be organized by „Grodnoobłdorstroj” and Gmina Gródek.

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